About Jill Melyssa


Jill's journey into the world of art was sparked during her college years while studying abroad in Spain. Immersed in the rich art history of the country, she explored countless churches, museums, and castles, delving into the works of renowned artists and movements, and closely studying masterpieces.

After completing her master's degree in business administration, Jill found herself on a somewhat uncertain career path. She chose to prioritize raising her children while managing a part-time job and launching a small Etsy shop featuring a modest collection of beaded jewelry. However, her path took a definitive turn when she secured an apprenticeship at a thriving metal design studio in Brooklyn, New York. There, she refined her skills in working with metals such as copper, brass, and sterling silver, while mastering techniques like vitreous enameling, soldering, and sawing. Although Jill had began her metalsmithing journey as early as 2013, it wasn't until her two older children began their college journeys that she had the freedom to fully immerse herself in her passion.

For Jill, the allure of dreaming up unique creations and the tactile experience of manipulating various materials became an all-consuming passion. Inspired by the grandeur of historical architecture and the allure of haute couture fashion, she discovered her calling as a creator, particularly drawn to the intricate world of metalworking.

Today, Jill seamlessly blends modern technology with traditional metalsmithing methods to craft original, one-of-a-kind designs. From the initial spark of an idea to the meticulous stages of sketching, sampling, refining, and ultimately handcrafting each piece, her process culminates in the polished, exquisite jewelry showcased in her collection.