About Jill Melyssa

    Jill Melyssa was founded with the idea of combining art, sophistication, and a deviation from the norm. 

Jill's appreciation for art began when she studied abroad in college in Spain. The art history component brought her to many churches, museums, and castles throughout the country. There she learned about famous artists, movements, and studied many masterpieces up close.

After graduating from business school, Jill started an Etsy shop with a few beaded items and unsure where she would go with it.

  She soon began an apprenticeship with a successful metal design studio in nearby Brooklyn, NY where she learned how to work with copper, brass, and later sterling silver. She was also introduced to vitreous enamels, soldering, braising, sawing, and many other metal working skills. This experience was a huge blessing and she is forever thankful to the owners of that metal studio who taught and encouraged her.

"Working with my hands, getting them dirty, using various mediums to fabricate the designs that I dream about, is my passion." Jill quickly realized her love of being a "creator" and of her interest in working with metals.                                  

Today, she use technology, casting, and metalsmithing to create original, one of a kind designs. "Historic architecture stimulates my imagination and I begin to visualize how I can translate that beauty into jewelry." The lengthy process from idea - sketch - sample - modifications - raw creation - finishing - and polishing ends with the pieces of jewelry you see offered before you.